PIEPSOficjalne ostrzeżenie PIEPS-a przed zakłóceniami jakie w działaniu LVS-ów mogą powodować wszelkie elektroniczne urządzenia i metalowe przedmioty (komórki, mp3, a nawet uwaga pęk kluczy)- ponoć niektóre modele telefonów motorola potrafią wyłączyć/przełączyć w tryb szukania jeden z modeli PIEPS-a.
Oficjalne stanowisko IKAR-CISA:

Security advice for users of avalanche beacons

In the recent years the performance of avalanche beacons has been improved significantly – like direction indication of Tracker (BCA) or 3rd-PIEPS-antenna. The performance is getting closer and closer to the limits given by physics to provide better “tools” for rescuers. But ALL avalanche beacons – also for former analogue models have on common sense: This are high sensitive devices, designed to work with magnetic flux lines with a scale of about 1:100.000 (50m range means about one-hundred-thousandth of the same signal strength of 1m distance).

Due to their nature, ALL of beacons are very sensitive against electrical and magnetical interference.
If a Ferrite-antenna is exposed to the field of an magnet (magnet of a speaker of a radio equipment in extremely close proximity, less than 5 cm), not only the signal strength (send AND receive) can be influenced significantly. Also the magnetic property of the Ferrite material is changed, due to the magnetic remanence – this can last a couple of minutes (up to 15 minutes). Depending on the strength and intensity of this influence, the impact on avalanche beacons can be slightly or significantly – it also need to be taken into account, that some beacons are working with compasses.

Due to this, it’s a recommendation from all manufacturers that minimum distances should be maintained between avalanche beacons and electronic, magnetic or metallic influences (like radios, mobiles phones, MP3-players, bunch of keys)!

  • during SEND mode: min.15 cm
  • during SEARCH mode: min. 1,5 Meters

Furthermore, there are almost no other products ranges, where European standards are defined this tight. For instance, the maximum allowed signal strength of transmitting avalanche beacons is less than the maximum allowed electrical and magnetic noise level of all other products. Especially radios and mobile phones are barely limited (everybody knows the interference when a mobile phone starts ringing in the near a computer computer).
Additionally special standards for mechanical stress are at a unique level for avy beacons(6 drops to hard surface from 1 meter height – after that the beacons must be fully functioning and must be fully waterproofed). For this reason some manufacturers did choose a magnetic switch (reed contact) for ON/OFF and/or for SEND/SEARCH. Yes, theoretically with a very strong magnetic field you can override activate/deactivate this switch.

General statement to the issue
„Warning: Motorola GP340 can turn Pieps to Off or Search”

With the PIEPS-DSP you are not able to activate the magnet switch with the Motorola GP340 – as long as you are wearing it as instructed (beacons should be worn in the carrying harness or a trouser pocket – but always with the display towards you body).